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梅赛德斯AMG GT3和补丁10.2走出现在!
壮观的新的竞赛机器刚刚被添加到Project CARS作为梅赛德斯AMG GT3现在可以给大家与种族。

ON DEMAND计划的一部分,该车是一款免费的除了针对所有用户,只需更新您的安装采取奔驰的最新赛车创造的赛道!

梅赛德斯 - AMG GT3的目标是,以填补奔驰超成功的SLS AMG GT3赛车夺得了基于国际汽联的GT3规则书所有主要的跑车系列赛和耐力赛的胜利事件的脚步。

它的前身一样,新GT3 AMG是由自然吸气6.3升V8发动机,提供过量的功率500HP的。碳材料的广泛使用使奔驰以保持其最新的GT3挑战者以及国际汽联GT3规则书年代1300公斤最低重量之下。

轻便的做法并不意味着任何角落都在技术方面,虽然作为超广角AMG GT3被切断拥有所需要的是有竞争力的国际GT3赛车的一切,包括一个六速序列式变速箱,碳前部和后部扩散器和可调节的尾翼。

We`ve还推出了两个新的更新,增加对Oculus Rift以虚拟现实的耳机以及许多其他改进的广泛支持,如下所示。


*魔环VR SDK 1.3的支持
现在世界*阴影完全的工作 - 默认关闭,在选项启用>视觉效果>性能
当阴影细节设置为OFF *云的阴影,现在被禁用
- 查找后置摄像头倒置
- 问题与前端摄像头
- 照片模式
*在种族VR选项 - 增加了一个“世界缩放”的设置,允许精细控制以大规模的世界玩家的期望完全相符
*在种族VR选项 - 增加了座椅位置调节
* VR选项 - 相机近剪裁平面 - 允许玩家控制摄像机将如何靠近被摄物体开始裁剪
* VR选项 - 世界第一运动,G-Force的影响 - 允许玩家对VR模式设置特定值
* Recenter观点初始游戏开始自动定位
* ......和现在已经在VR正常工作的几个其他位 -
。 3D草



* TrackIR - 修正了各种错误,恢复正常运行


Mercedes-AMG GT3 & Patch 10.2 Out Now!
A spectacular new racing machine has just been added to Project CARS as the Mercedes-AMG GT3 is now available for everyone to race with.

Part of ON DEMAND programme, the car is a free addition for all users, just update your installation to take Mercedes' newest racing creation to the track!

The Mercedes-AMG GT3 is aiming to fill the footsteps of Mercedes-Benz ultra-successful AMG SLS GT3 car that clinched victories in all major sports car racing series and endurance racing events based on the FIA’s GT3 rule book.

?Like its predecessor, the new AMG GT3 is powered by a normally-aspirated 6.3 liter V8 engine, delivering an excess of 500hp of power. Extensive usage of carbon materials allowed Mercedes to keep their newest GT3 challenger well under the FIA GT3 rulebook’s minimum weight of 1300 kilograms.
The lightweight approach does not mean any corners have been cut in terms of technology though as the ultra-wide AMG GT3 boasts everything that is needed to be competitive in international GT3 racing, including a six-speed sequential gearbox, carbon front and rear diffusors and an adjustable rear wing.

We`ve also rolled out two new updates, adding extensive support for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset alongside many other improvements as listed below.

Patch 10.1 Release Notes

* Oculus VR SDK 1.3 support
* World shadows are now fully working - Off by default, enable under Options>Visuals>Performance
* Cloud shadows will now be disabled when Shadow Detail is set to OFF
* Fixed replay cameras so that the player has full rotational control during replays, fixed all replay cameras' near clip plane so that the player's view doesn't cut into the nearby objects
* Fixed front-end 'My Garage' cameras to work properly in VR
* Reworked all cameras so that VR orientation/positional tracking always works naturally. This fixes amongst others...
- look-back cameras being inverted
- issues with Front-end cameras
- photo mode
* In-race VR options - Added a 'World Scaling' setting that allows for fine control to scale the world to exactly match the player's expectation
* In-race VR options - Added seat position adjustment
* Removed vignette menu frame from replay screen. Now only displays the replay controls panel
* VR options - Camera Near Clip Plane - Allows the player to control how close to objects the camera will start clipping
* VR options - World movement, G-Force Effect - allows player to set specific values for VR mode
* Detached Starting lights and Messages from movable HUD so that they always appear toward the front of the car
* Changed desktop mirrored view show a single undistorted view with default settings windowed, 1280x720
* Added ability to toggle btween headset and PC speaker audio in the VR options menu, default is headset
* Recenter view position automatically on initial game start
* ...and a few other bits that are now working correctly in VR -
. crepuscular rays
. screen dirt
. camera/visor rain drops
. postprocessing filters
. tonemapping and bloom
. 3D grass
. particles
. clouds

Patch 10.2 Release Notes

PC Patch 10.2 Release notes

* TrackIR - Fixed various bugs to restore proper operation
* Fix issue where in non-VR, the game was defaulting to windowed mode
* Fix Opponent Labels so they show up correctly in VR and non-VR modes
* Restored Main Menu top-right X to exit game
* Configured UI so that In-game VR option only show when using VR

by thegfw


补丁名称:赛车计划 v10.0-v10.2升级档+14DLC+免DVD补丁



英文名称:Project Cars